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Our Products

GM Polystyrene offer a wide range of products both 'off the shelf' and bespoke. Below you will find more details on our range. Click through to find out more information and to buy. Should you have a question or require a bespoke product, please contact us here.

Polystyrene Loose Fill


We offer bags of Polystyrene Loose Fill to help you package your goods. Our polystyrene loose fill is of the highest quality, ensuring that your package reaches its recipient in one piece. The polystyrene loose fill we supply is fine…

Polystyrene Insulation


Our Polystyrene Insulation offers you the best possible insulation at the lowest price. The quality of our polystyrene insulation is guaranteed to make sure that sound and temperature are insulated properly within a home. GM Polystyrene prides itself on knowing…

Moulded Polystyrene


We offer Moulded Polystyrene to help keep your products intact during shipment. We can provide custom moulded polystyrene that offers individual protection for each of your products such as porcelain mugs, crockery and much more. Contact us to discuss your individual…

Polystyrene Cake Dummies


Cake Dummies are an inexpensive way to showcase your cake decorating skills. Our dummies are made from new, top quality polystyrene. We welcome requests for other shapes and sizes. You can shop our extensive collection of cake dummies on our site…

Polystyrene Sheets


We offer Polystyrene Sheets in a wide range of sizes, ideal for many various situations. These polystyrene sheets are of the highest quality and can be used for many general purpose applications. Contact us on 01443 862162 or fill out our…

Polystyrene Fish / Food Boxes


Among our range of polystyrene boxes, we also offer a specialised Polystyrene Food Box. All of our polystyrene food boxes are provided with air-tight lids and can be supplied with or without holes in. Polystyrene food boxes are ideal for…