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Quality Polystyrene Products & Services

Always striving to help, GM Polystyrene offer a number of 'out of the box' products and solutions as well as tailored offerings. Read below for more information

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Bespoke Polystyrene Products

Within our polystyrene product range, as well as a range of off-the-shelf items, we utilise other processes that enable us to produce specialised pieces to exact customer requirements. Slice and Dice - this particular operation is the foundation of all other manufacturing processes within GM Polystyrene.


Compacting & Recycling

GM Polystyrene offers a compacting service for companies that have clean, uncompacted EPS of which they wish to dispose. For companies with at least a van load we will collect from your premises. For smaller quantities, customers are welcome to drop it off at our premises, but please do call first.